Care Sheets


Lizards are a great choice for a reptile! They have such wonderful personalities, they are great with kids, and make you feel like a dinosaur is living in your house! With a lizard, you’ll never be bored, watching this fantastic creature crawl all over you, mesmerizing your friends, and being a delight around the house!

Turtles and Tortoises

Turtles and tortoises are amazing. Some of them can live longer than humans, and they are companions that will be with until you die. That is true…


Snakes are probably the best known reptiles of ever. Their iconic presence alone can put in fear into the heart of your parents, but that’s ok. Snakes make wonderful pets. From the big ones and the small ones.

Frogs and Amphibians

Frogs are so weird. Don’t you love it? From salamanders to frogs, amphibians are probably some of the weirdest animals ever. But no matter what happens, I’m happy that there is an animal that grabs annoying insects with its tongue.